This blog is about my garden and the outdoors. I am new to photography but I am trying to show some of the pretty things that grow here in Michigan. I love the wild things who visit me and I dont mind if they eat a bit here and there. I like it more if they let me take their picture. As time goes on I think I will try to show you around the beautiful area that I live in as well as my garden. I try to use my own pictures as much as possible but will also use pictures from the web. If I inadvertently use your photo or work without permission please email me and I will remove it or give credit if you prefer. I will give credit when I know who the owner is. I would ask that anyone using my pictures do the same.
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Sunday, May 27, 2012


I hear that we can take cuttings from geraniums. I have never tried that. I also know that one can take them out of their pots in winter and keep them. I may try that too. I do know keeping them in the house does not work, nor keeping them in pots in the garage. So.............This Fall I must read up on these things and try it. What have I got to loose. If anyone reads this and has been successful I would love to hear about it.


I love the bright pink ones.


Its very hard to get a true colour in pinks and reds but this is pretty close.


I love be able to really look at a flower is incredible.

I love it when I can get water drops on the flower. I didn't even see this one when I took the picture.

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Laurajane Rodriguez said...

Very nice. I love the close ups!