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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Logans Landing..............

Logans Landing is a small park and shops on the Boardman River where it joins Boardman Lake. We took Tristen there yesterday to give him a run and tire him out. I had forgotten my camera. That was a shame because it had been raining and was misty on the lake and the trees were hung with drops of water. It was incredible for good pictures and I seldom go out without it. The stop was not planned it was spur of the moment.
Tristen had fun and didn't want to leave, but it was cold and windy, I bribed him with the promise of hot chocolate and a cookie. I told him we would go back we did.


The ducks and swans were still there, but there was no pretty mists playing around the lake today.


We started off where we were yesterday and he beat up the same snow ball that he found before, but was disappointed to find the puddles were not so big.......


We walked along the paths that today were free of snow. He met a lady with a dog. He could not resist in making friends.

Then he hit the mother load.


All the snow on the grass had melted overnight


He got soaked. He wore his froggie boots and had a blast, I mean he ran through the water and jumped, fell at least once that I saw and just had a great time. It was cold out but not like yesterday. The wind was not so strong and we are not that far from the park so I was not worried.


He ran every which way..........

I called him to come on back to the car........


He found water along the way but alas did not want to leave.Granddad had to capture and buckle him in


The noise was overpowering

We got home (a sucker shut him up) and he had to strip and lucky thing, we were doing laundry everything was wet. Water poured out of the boots. He was very helpfull (eye roll here) and got the mop. He is dangerous with the mop or broom for that matter.


A nice warm bath while I got him some lunch got him away from that. Spagetti Os and buttered toast.



No fuss here, he ate just about all of it
He had a great day and was happy the rest of the day. With luck he will sleep well tonight.


Magic Love Crow said...

I think I would sleep well after a day like that! LOL! Great adventure and a lot of fun, but not the screaming! LOL!

Merlesworld said...

Sounds like a great day maybe a bit cold but kids feel nothing when they are having fun.