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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fish baby.........

I finally got a picture of the baby fish. Well, I think I said we had 3 fish, and they all made it through the winter. Come to find out a few weeks ago we now have 4. My cousin in England breeds goldfish and so I told him that we have a black one. He said goldfish are black when babies and its rare that they breed like this in a small pond. They must like this pond. We dont try to keep it clean like we used to. We just try to keep it from being filled with tap water (chlorine) and just try to keep debris out of it. We kept the pump going all winter and will do so again this year.
Here are the adults
 photo e964161f-382a-4d74-9ca1-1393e1f2942e_zps03c5ac1e.jpg
They look healthy dont they.
 photo 12ed8907-cc94-4e03-a823-e388786e8e2d_zps581a1216.jpg
I sure hope that I can keep them healthy and growing like this. They should not get bigger than their environment can handle. Who knows I might have to put in another pond.
 photo e7fcf3fd-b299-43df-8d63-6d9a2ddbbc15_zps1057d1f8.jpg
Well I don't know who the mother is but here are a couple of shots, not very good ones of the baby.
 photo 3ec32e11-f5ff-4dc8-9d98-4ccdfb7d63ad_zpsa85158d8.jpg
This one is a bit harder to make out because it has a shadow
 photo 4f0b1f67-0a6d-475b-a55f-c6c54e5fdad2_zpsb1a49de1.jpg
Now to just keep Miss Boots away, she does like to watch them. Miss Boots has a cold/cough so may need to visit the vet, she wont like that one bit
 photo 36f9c355-24cc-4110-84a8-68640f8df025_zps9352c154.jpg


Craftymoose Crafts said...

That's awesome!

Magic Love Crow said...

Never knew they were born black? Very interesting! Keep good care of them ;o) Poor kitty! Hope she is ok ;o)