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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Garden birds..............

I was hoping by now we would have a lot of pictures of the garden. Not has been so cold that everything is late. I can not believe its been 6 whole months of winter this year. We have also had a lot of rain. We needed that to wash away the snow. All gone now. Only saw a very few piles on the way down state. Almost gone on our way back as it rained most of the weekend. Hope that's the end of that.
So not very many things to share in the garden yet. We had raked up the leaves but a lot have blown back. So here are a few pictures of the same old birds.
 photo ac6e22b6-1b6b-480a-9f8d-2781d519fb8a_zps95746f85.jpg
Sometimes there are some good shots but it does get a bit boring.
 photo 56b37b2d-a7d6-40fc-9ccf-6946acf7905f_zps5e21ea5a.jpg
I missed a great picture of a Pileated Woodpecker the other day.
 photo 5bf86155-2439-4dd5-9026-9ea7b70761e8_zpsddfa2d11.jpg
The next one is of a regular visitor
 photo 0863f750-1f67-405b-b1c1-850e76801f58_zps49f3c972.jpg
The poodles and Boots are at least able to run outside now. Its still too cold for them but they do the best they can.
 photo 2e9e44a9-c773-43cd-abb9-42c8494f8c04_zps74879e8d.jpg
I have made a half hearted effort to clean up. By the time I am able to do a good job I wont care. I already don't see much point in getting annuals. Why bother. Its Mid May and could snow by the end of September.
At least just a few mini daffs have popped through. Regular daffs are not even trying.
 photo 800be554-2c4c-478e-978b-f2fec95967b3_zpsdf645c47.jpg
The poodles having fun
 photo b57c70ea-4aac-4489-b3ec-1d290494e202_zps0a154147.jpg
It wont be long though and then maybe I will have more enthusiasm for my blogs. Right now it does not seem like its worth it as there is nothing to show.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Now that I can painlessly type again, I just stopped by to say hello! It does seem like it is going to be a "short" summer this year as we had frost warnings a couple of nights this week. I usually plant flower seeds--which I will still do, but by the time they come up and flower we won't have long to enjoy them.

Keep smiling!

Merlesworld said...

Your birds are wonderful and I never tire of looking at them.'

Magic Love Crow said...

Not boring at all! I love your birds and I love your pets ;o) Keep taking wonderful pictures and keep on smiling ;o)