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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

State Hospital trails................

So on my bluebell woods blog I wrote about the first part of our day. We stopped at the new visitors center to explore what was going on. We eventually got off on our walk. Laura had come by because it was such a nice day, so off we went.
 photo 92b6e4a2-5360-460c-98c1-49a997d703c7_zps34b59c2b.jpg
There are miles of trails above the State hospital. The fields look down over the town. Some of the trails are steep and slippery.
 photo 2cdd7a66-e36f-4534-9f85-777b77d1a02a_zps1f640b3a.jpg
Some were blocked by windfalls.Note my footwear, I was not expecting to have to climb haha,
 photo df86b8ba-250d-4470-8b74-06fdd2afec45_zpsd7095ee6.jpg
 photo 76ad0357-bcd6-4765-b79f-8e63e6535c7a_zps33da8f8d.jpg
Tristen got through OK.
 photo c6d7b408-7076-493a-aca3-dfb77b4b4f52_zps4c60ebb9.jpg
He enjoyed climbing on the rocks and trees. We enjoyed the walk other than the slippery steep paths, that was fun but for me rather iffy, hard for me to see what I was doing and my glasses kept steaming up.
 photo 7b24fc6a-9c8f-4a2d-a06a-be1f21fb730f_zpsfc6b9d8c.jpg
 photo fa5626cf-eca7-4b70-906d-5b1d51dd7b2c_zps1e64f437.jpg
We found a bear in the woods (no not really)
 photo 753ad12a-617e-4cc7-9e9e-30748330c202_zps4652958d.jpg
 photo 33ec402b-2909-426e-b921-eef2fbe73055_zps45765b5d.jpg
 photo 40af7665-c718-4883-84d2-8a3009ae5c17_zps10d03b7e.jpg
I personally needed some exercize after the birthday party at the weekend. Still have not recovered from that.
Some of the things that we saw in the beautiful toadstall/mushroom
 photo 36f62a97-b10c-48bb-9ab7-62705767c21e_zps3cf75f79.jpg
Plenty of flowers left and the bees are still bizzy.
 photo b532aef6-3249-45b3-8747-1eced9b8620c_zps86befd18.jpg
One day I will try to figure out the names of all the different bees I find. Tristen found a poor old grasshopper who got squished on the path
 photo 453d1abb-0190-4b5d-aa82-88d8f0db8455_zps64ed687d.jpg
 photo 21057a8b-cf62-4d0c-ade2-ed9c980f3803_zpsd5c5e6d8.jpg
Its was a fun day with a few laughs
 photo 4e2e6069-4098-43f2-8bcf-9c2cf5de8e23_zps2459d2cb.jpg
We saw a friend out jogging with his dog but I bet he didn't go on the trails we did haha...............Tristen enjoying the stream
 photo 9914cc26-d510-471a-ac9e-472c3113ca2e_zps3b5d3ab3.jpg
The sky was beautiful and the fields were going fully into Autumn.
 photo bf24860c-a0a7-43b9-ba91-5f4576f88b4e_zpsba434c56.jpg
Queen Annes lace is gone till Spring
 photo a3606920-7b91-480c-8374-f0673bd366d3_zps6a985d25.jpg
we will continue to go on hikes as long as we can, till the snow falls. I would love to go all winter but I don't have and can't afford snow shoes or skiis so.........hoping for a very long Autumn season. Taking a break......
 photo 045b0e2d-0cc5-4422-812a-94904bbb013b_zps8258511e.jpg
Just one more picture, this is at the visitors center and were the only deer we saw that day
 photo f2e4cbf3-1d41-4d93-b752-7b67da3df7df_zps8724497c.jpg
Lots of great art work with more to come.......its going to be great there. Can't wait to go back. Think I will use some proper shoes next time. I am always telling Laura to do that haha.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Looking forwards to Autumn,,,,,,,,,,,,

The change of season has been in the air for a few weeks now. You can smell it in the dampness and crisp morning air. Almost but not quite frost just yet. Time to start to bring in the indoor plants. A nice rain today will nourish them. Then to get some potting soil and some containers to put them in and its time..............not a job I enjoy. I am always afraid of bringing in critters I don't want to house for the winter.
 photo 5f840ff8-24d9-491b-9d21-c38d40bb2f58_zps637323a9.jpg
The above is not my picture naturally. I can't wait to be able to get out and take my own pictures. Right now the colours are not changing. Just slightly, the rain wont help. What we need is dry cold nights and sunny cold days to set the colours off to the best advantage,

 photo 3c1aebed-5c37-471b-8285-410a6d6b46a6_zps1ca88c30.gif
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow..........
Thou comest, Autumn, heralded by the rain,
With banners, by great gales incessant fanned,
Brighter than brightest silks of Samarcand,
And stately oxen harnessed to thy wain!
Thou standest, like imperial Charlemagne,
Upon thy bridge of gold; thy royal hand
Outstretched with benedictions o'er the land,
Blessing the farms through all thy vast domain!
Thy shield is the red harvest moon, suspended
So long beneath the heaven's o'er-hanging eaves;
Thy steps are by the farmer's prayers attended;
Like flames upon an altar shine the sheaves;
And, following thee, in thy ovation splendid,
Thine almoner, the wind, scatters the golden leaves!
 photo 3c1aebed-5c37-471b-8285-410a6d6b46a6_zps1ca88c30.gif

Soon the time for hay rides, apple orchard tours, toffee apples and cool days with bright sunshine. Sunflowers and pumpkins
 photo d33bfd66-ae6f-4120-bb5b-2a154cffe3c5_zps38d05009.jpg
Changing my front porch.
 photo 71ac8b38-670e-445c-a5eb-be2153755430_zpsce60fae8.jpg
Soon be time to rake the leaves. Not a favourite job for any in this house. Still a way off though by the looks of things.
I will work on getting my inside plants ready to come inside.
 photo d93ca9f8-fff7-4646-821f-555ec1dbb438_zps0841940f.jpg
 photo c23b23ea-5ccb-415b-a50d-62448faebdc1_zps3580994d.png
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Little critters..........

I love bees. I have done a lot of posts on them. I can't help it. They are so busy and intent, they live their lives fully and at top speed. I have got some good pictures that I will share here today.
 photo 624f4e06-bc06-40cd-bac2-b3a9a5edf449_zpsf8af2093.jpg
There are quite a few varieties in just my own back yard.
 photo 52013794-7e5d-4f05-b7ea-d686eb206a1e_zpseec40471.jpg
 photo af4aafc6-56bd-4140-8b7c-04c76ff6bf9d_zps0b8918d4.jpg
I see the bee with one spot on his head a lot around here. Any idea who this guy is
 photo 69f3dc7f-3a83-4290-a344-795832b87542_zps0a298055.jpg
 photo 041f35ce-f9a6-4b9d-a18b-35f1978523ac_zps5208ab18.jpg
So pretty. The little green ones are like little jewels. This guy is a bit different I think?
 photo 2ad6807d-4e3a-49f3-992c-4a2b1487533f_zps6d722a26.jpg
More of the same, the wings are so beautiful.
 photo 6ae1bd8d-b113-4799-830a-8fafa0d9d5da_zps7eae77ca.jpg
Well, I must include a couple of birdie visitors because the yellow finches have not been here all summer
 photo 8c3aceb2-7e3f-4472-af3a-f0d23371d303_zps0acda35c.jpg
 photo dd82c6f0-72d5-456e-b62d-a8b843457324_zps41d0a70d.jpg
Then the Thrush came back.
 photo 81da87e6-898e-498d-85e6-6eff8a2b5e7f_zps8c598eb4.jpg
Have not seen the Thrush all summer. Not to be confused the the junior Robin, its a different shape and size. Finally a Monarch in my garden
 photo b6f6e191-3dd3-422e-817f-ce032c38ff07_zps035095ab.jpg
They must be getting ready to leave. I have not seen more than one other all summer, and that one was dying. So bon voyage to this healthy one.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunday Drive.............

We took a long Sunday drive. You can see it on Bluebell Woods blog. Here I will show some of the nature pictures I took. The lakes were pretty and they are just full of life. I saw this little guy up on the Dunes.
 photo b63ab8a2-0eb7-43bf-906a-6f6e10cffaa5_zps174b2fa6.jpg
This one on a rock on the beach. I don't like bugs. I try to, but I don't
 photo 9aaee627-eb13-4d07-bd87-d94ddbbddffd_zps28c95bd0.jpg
I didn't see too many birds. Just the big ones, Sandhill Cranes and Turkey. Loads of Turkey. Several Blue Heron. They are always fascinating birds. Ungainly but swift when they need to be.
 photo 69d43234-1455-4bb0-a144-046ae75bcc17_zpsd563a87c.jpg
There were Autumn flowers growing all around. Wild Asters. Could have come from old farms? or maybe they just grow wild. In any case they certainly do well here. Why are they so fussy in my garden?????
 photo b8549c23-cee1-4f7b-b70b-c6fa8be19112_zps383acb93.jpg
I saw some Monarchs wow.....they will soon be leaving for California. One had a torn wing. I doubt she will get far.
 photo 428f6a09-bfdb-4ee2-a8b4-d91db1f6ae9a_zps1065b69d.jpg
 photo ee29c023-87ae-4620-8d1d-3324fccde106_zps49160e30.jpg
Still some pretty Water Lilly on the ponds
 photo 9a366c4b-868b-4400-856e-bb21d604873f_zpse1921528.jpg
Lots of small fry in the water, tiny fish, do they live through the winter? I suppose they go deep and among the weeds. I didn't get a clear picture so wont try to show it. Lots of berries now.
 photo 52fcee29-8ffc-4f07-a605-d2a62f4bc27a_zpse31ea6ec.jpg
The bear will enjoy some good meals before they go to sleep this winter. I think its supposed to be a long one again. Lots of Rose Hips. Should gather those but didn't
 photo 8a42172d-2689-4e81-92c1-3308eb35c966_zps0ccc97bf.jpg
Well this is it for tonight. I will do part 2 on Bluebell Woods tomorrow.
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Saturday, September 6, 2014

By the Boardman.........

It was thundering all night, torrential rain. It did clear up today though and even though Tristen was cranky, he has a cold, we went for a walk. Reina was here for the day and Laura was working. They played with the Petshop stuff for a good few hours. I had bought Tristen some so that they had more to play with, Raylene stayed home with her dad. Well after they got bored and restless we decided to go for a walk. It was nice and cool but sunny. We didn't want to go very far so decided on the Boardman trails.
 photo 8b897213-8186-4d92-921a-e5740de0b971_zpsac446f24.jpg
My camera ran out of juice so I didn't get a whole load of pictures to choose from. We walked a short trail by the river before taking the other trail though the woods. In some parts it was so steep down to the river it could have been scary if you fell. The river
was rough and wild today. After all the rain the river was full. It was running strong and fast. Plenty of warnings posted about the dangerous banks. The water undercuts the banks and washes away the dirt and trees.
 photo 2f78a434-abaa-437c-8c98-8bf977a77414_zpsd3e5f82c.jpg
I really wanted to get some good pictures but only got a few mediocre ones.
 photo 521fdd89-c6b2-4940-91db-8c803c087948_zpse25f7d4e.jpg
 photo e396ec7f-ce70-4dfc-bebe-ec5324ffffb3_zps20efa03f.jpg
It's beginning to look like Autumn with the berries on the plants and the apples on the trees, nuts falling to the ground. The leaves are only just beginning to change, we have not had that much cold weather yet. Waiting for a frost.
Today they learned about Sumac, it was the first thing I saw and they had mentioned the trees they knew already. So even though Tristen was only 1/2 paying attention and was cranky with his cold, well I figured I may as well add another tree. They are sort of into this, I am happy about that.
 photo 71fea6ef-7f22-4e53-9342-07a4d7dbd50e_zps650a5c7a.jpg
We walked on through the woods and there were some good views. It would have been better if it was not so damp and if the river was calmer,
 photo 8d6b86c3-91bb-4aca-962e-2d2d0be87042_zps4c6e31da.jpg
We saw a place that looked like a lookout but the path was closed because some of the banks had fallen in, we carried on.
 photo 35b2416c-7ce5-46b2-9bda-439654b30e0e_zps0a207981.jpg
If the river had been calmer I had seen several spots to look for stones, you know, Petoskey stones. I dare not let the kids near the edge in case it caved in. The water was so fast and going towards the dam so I am over cautious, always am.
 photo 8fc80f62-ae0c-4f81-a6d2-0fa486287ec7_zps6ffba2fa.jpg
Some pretty flowers still blooming, I had wanted to get some good shots of the water and the berries ETC but the camera gave out. I had checked the battery before I left. I usually take both cameras but today I didn't. Ah was a nice walk anyway.