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Thursday, March 26, 2015


Its a mess out there. We had several days up in the 40s but it quickly went back down. Gerry raked the back yard. We now have a pile of wet soggy leaves sitting in the middle of the yard. We need to get them to the side of the road but its so cold out there. It has also been raining. Now its snowing again. A lot of the snow has gone but there are still piles of it. Nasty dirty snow with all the rotting bird seeds and food and dog poop. Just waiting for the ice to melt so it can get cleaned up. I hate looking at it.
Talking of should have seen the rabbit poop.
 photo 4287cfc1-b82d-4996-b5c5-e823eac9ab9b_zpsnevzdefc.jpg
Thing is they did not eat any of my plants. Hehe I bet they ate Buds next door. They like me.....I feed them. Good fertilizer I hope.
 photo 6f29af23-4a02-40cf-b4c7-33822d916603_zpsjuc0oxui.jpg
So going to pick up Tristen the other day I saw this.
 photo c15c932b-cfe2-4136-adc1-0166c1e2dd9d_zps5wchfr4q.jpg
I had heard a woodpecker busy for a few days but never saw him. Well look at this hole. I will have to look next time I hear him because its just over the road and down a short way
 photo d1bd1958-9e09-47ed-9839-9929e0ae72ae_zpssbnlkwv1.jpg
Nice work........well, if you look very close you will see that there are things growing and they wont like the new coating of snow
 photo 5c9a3acc-ac9c-410a-8420-242ba4d3dbc2_zpsxi2k8olp.jpg
Not a lot to see right now. I keep looking for the snow drops but so far no all you get today is rabbit poop and a hole in a tree.

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