This blog is about my garden and the outdoors. I am new to photography but I am trying to show some of the pretty things that grow here in Michigan. I love the wild things who visit me and I dont mind if they eat a bit here and there. I like it more if they let me take their picture. As time goes on I think I will try to show you around the beautiful area that I live in as well as my garden. I try to use my own pictures as much as possible but will also use pictures from the web. If I inadvertently use your photo or work without permission please email me and I will remove it or give credit if you prefer. I will give credit when I know who the owner is. I would ask that anyone using my pictures do the same.
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Monday, September 28, 2015

About the bees..................

Well even though the garden is straggly and dull, there are a few things going on. The bees are still buzy. The Michaelmas Daisies are doing well out front. Not so good out back. SO......I will put the new ones out front. I have lots to do out there. AS I have probably said all summer. Boy summer is short in Michigan. It's done already. The leaves are changing and its very dry. The Mums I bought are all done and not even in the ground yet. I have Hosta to plant.
Well it's supposed to be cooler now for the following week. Maybe I can become enthused?
Well here are a few pictures from today.
 photo IMG_0108_zpsudooicpb.jpg
The Michaelmas daisies (Asters) are pretty and full of busy bees.
 photo 104_0091a_zpsde5yfobs.jpg
 photo 104_0104ac_zpsqh5ghnb5.jpg
My new camera is not a lot better than the last one.
 photo 104_0095a_zpsmwavumar.jpg photo 104_0086a_zpsl6ckpnpg.jpg
I have not found a camera that focuses as clear as my old one. I still prefer that one. I do have to get used to the new one though. I cant afford to just keep going through camera's
 photo 104_0085ba_zpsijtvkmj7.jpg
The colours on any of them do not show reds or pinks well. Still have issues with that.
 photo 104_0108_zpsmqeiimxu.jpg
I have to decide what I want to bring in for Winter. I hate to see things die. I managed to bring a couple of things in so far. I just dont have room for everything and hate them taking up so much space.
 photo IMG_0124a_zpszwnkmm7x.jpg
Tristen has wrecked a good many of my garden things this year and even though I have made a bunch of stuff I will be needing more. Still storage will be a bit easier if we can clean up the shed again. Jason bought me this gazing ball its steel, the others are all glass. I may try to get more of these.
 photo IMG_0107_zpssbqjhz9f.jpg
This daisy is the prettiest colour. Out back I have some more burgundy colour ones. I think I need to move them all to the front in the hopes of them doing better.
 photo 104_0116_zpshn06f0dh.jpg
One thing about the end of summer is the planning for next year. I sure hope I have the energy next year because everything needs doing over. Lots of digging up and moving. Makes me tired thinking of it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wild flowers on our walk............

I took a few pictures of wildflowers when we went for a short walk a few days ago. I thought I would share a few here. First I believe is a Teasel. Thats what I call it anyway. Looks good when its dried.
 photo 103_0113a_zpshevv6g6p.jpg
 photo 103_0089ab_zpsqalrliys.jpg
I was happy to finally catch a white butterfly actually sitting still for a few seconds. Cabbage White is what I know it as.
 photo 103_0105b_zpsgj2eecmt.jpg
Queen Annes Lace with a friend in tow.
 photo 103_0097a_zpstsjlwpzf.jpg
I love it when things go to seed
 photo 103_0089a_zpsfhtcf2yb.jpg
 photo 103_0087a_zpshz4vsyqy.jpg
 photo 103_0088a_zpsip7umkjm.jpg
 photo 103_0088ab_zpsxo09c7e0.jpg
I love the close ups and my dandelion clocks I can't resist

 photo 103_0085a_zpshtdcauoi.jpg
This is the most beautiful blue. It usually grows by the side of the roads and I know what it is, but cant remember. I will think on it
 photo 103_0084a_zpsrrnujaac.jpg
The birds will be lucky when they find these berries.
 photo 103_0078a_zpsrpcqriau.jpg
The Black Eyed Susans are doing better than the ones in my garden
 photo 103_0069a_zps1hjcb2cs.jpg
Say hello to the Mallard. The babies are all grown now. One was still hanging around
 photo 103_0071_zpskmtrnemb.jpg
The bees were still very busy
 photo 103_0061a_zpsfebxjoqa.jpg
Then the wild mint I think it is, at any rate its pretty
 photo 103_0083a_zpsj9gw3rjz.jpg
The Damesels were being naughty
 photo 103_0072a_zpsi17gmp8m.jpg
Well it was great to get out in the fresh air and I love taking pictures there is nothing going on in my garden. Its a mess and I have no ambition right now to do much about it. So maybe next time.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

One heck of a storm....................

During the days that Gerry was sick we had a storm. I have never seen such a widespread damaging storm here in this area. There were trees down all around my house but no damage to our place. I was shocked the next day when I saw the damage.
 photo DSCN5234_zpsozvfpryi.jpg

That was my neighbours house. The tree was struck by lightening. The street was blocked by downed trees in all directions.
 photo DSCN5223_zpsjgudg5ia.jpg
 photo DSCN5222_zpspged7rge.jpg
 photo DSCN5230_zpsczwtmhez.jpg
 photo DSCN5232_zps18cbtqqy.jpg
We were very lucky to not have a power outage. Much of this area was out for several days.
It was the biggest toughest storm I can remember. It was not just local to Traverse City. The amazing thing is the huge area it covered. Tornadoes virtually unheard of here all over the place.
Some of our favourite places have been stipped of timber. Such a shame. It will grow again but not in our lifetime as one friend said.
 photo 11831792_1010241255667508_2567528153149622673_n_zps7fivuzqt.jpg
Glen Arbor was cut off for a couple of days so that roads could be cleared of debri. It was amazing that no one died. Several homes were damaged but it could have been much worse.
 photo M109Glen arbor_zpsrclyxrlp.jpg
 photo 11753674_992773210767375_5623664059043767873_n_zpscanzc29t.jpg
It took days to clear roads, the main roads first and the small ones weeks later. The forests had the trees snapped in two, tops taken off. Funny thing, huge healthy trees knocked down and dead trees stayed up. I didnt get that.
So here are a few pictures of the storm coming in.
 photo 11836794_10153498048114496_5518033927758415424_n_zpsfwzzbvya.jpg
 photo 11836778_10153498048054496_6490178684979500550_n_zpsejdh2yg3.jpg
 photo 11822404_604181369720315_5248177891232048614_n_zpsgpudyak5.jpg
 photo 11846670_10153498047984496_7378741559786157844_n_zps9rcqnjad.jpg
 photo 11738057_10153498048224496_7558366367983719575_n_zpsif5htgwk.jpg
So many people saw it coming and got great pictures. The whole of Leelanau and Grand Traverse County was affected.
I slept through it all..........and was amazed when I got a phone call from the emergency warning people to stay off the roads. Hmmmmmm
Laura and I went out next day and took a drive, we went to the beach. You would not know there had been a storm, it was a beautiful day. We figured a great day for beach combing, and it was. It was sad to see all the damage though, so many lines down and we had to negotiate trees on the side roads. The road and power people did an amazing job, if the people who were complaining got out and saw the extent of what they had to cope with, well, they would be a bit more Patient

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A few Birds.........................

There were a few birds at the feeder today. I really have not had a lot of visitors all summer. I suppose they have been busy raising families and there has been enough food around. The Chickadees come and go,
Today Boots was sunning in one of her favourite spots where she can keep one eye on the garage (in case a chipmunk should come out) and the other on the bird feeders
 photo 102_0282_zpscp3c2gun.jpg
So in comes a Cardinal. I went and got my camera, I was just cleaning pots to bring in plants for the winter. I got him looking rather ratty in his moult.
 photo 102_0273a_zpslvfthak5.jpg
He made a bid for the feeder
 photo 102_0274a_zpsbbghizdd.jpg
Meanwhile Boots was deciding if she should make the effort or not. She got up and stretched and sauntered towards the feeder. The Cardinal was unaware so I coughed. He popped his head out and looked at me. I pointed at the cat.
 photo 102_0283a_zpst51c5lwu.jpg
The Cardinal decided the meal was not worth the risk and Boots lost another meal. Meanwhile we had several Chickadee come in. I have a feeling they are all relatated. They nest around here every year and we get a lot of them. They are small so I am sure they are the babies.
 photo 102_0287a_zpsgqy8esqb.jpg
They are some of my favourite birds. I love how in Winter the small birds form a gang and hang out together. I missed the Nuthatch that came in. I am sure that we will see more of them soon. The weather is getting cooler, mornings and evenings drawing in. Wont be long now and the snow will fly. Time to get the plants ready and decide who will come inside for Winter.
Meanwhile this little guy was enjoying a seed in the grapevines
 photo 102_0298a_zpsjgaaiuul.jpg
I got distracted from my chore and took pictures instead
 photo 102_0300a_zpsllypnv39.jpg
The Rose is looking nice. The only one that thrives in my garden. Still blooming
 photo 102_0291a_zpscrxr5zhv.jpg
I got back to work. Tomorrow I need to find a spray to be sure no passengers come in among the leaves, I hate doing that but don't need any more spiders or earwigs in the house.
I did like this picture though
 photo 102_0281a_zpsjwf9xsaj.jpg
So all for now. I hope to get all the feeders up and running and get a nice variety of visitors this year.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

What a mess................

My poor garden has been sadly neglected. Its bad enough this time of year anyway. I tend to do most of my work in the Spring. Usually that takes me into Fall without a lot of trouble. I have summer free then when its hot. This summer, you will know if you read Bluebell Woods blog, my husband was in hospital for 3 weeks. Well that not only put a damper on things inside the house, getting things done, outside too.
My weeds over took my flowers. It got so hot things wilted. My potted plants look ill.
 photo 100_0482j_zps4sxbymey.jpg
I did put in a new garden earlier and the rose (above) did well. Maybe next year I will put more roses in there.
My Day lily all did well but the daisies and bee balm all got very straggly. I think next year I must dig things up and begin over. I am not sure how to proceed with that. I know it all needs to be more organized and I have not the strength to do that this year. So I will wait for spring. I also bought mulch to redo the pathways and I am putting that on hold too. I have plans for next year.
 photo 101_0606a_zpsan9yspnt.jpg
 photo 101_0603a_zpstl40zb1n.jpg
 photo 101_0610d_zpshiakpkai.jpg
I did see a few butterfly this year in the Spring but they too faded out. I did see this chap though.
 photo 101_0630g_zpslhjtrrdp.jpg
Some of the plants did well but my Iris didnt do much this year. It all really needs sorting, thinning and moving
 photo c97ddf28-3ee0-4da1-b18b-d74434540777_zpsyzcj7eqb.jpg
I cant even imagine how I will get it all done next year. I may have to get some help.
 photo 100_0457hj_zpsuwumtlwk.jpg
Not sure who this is (above) but he posed for me he is.
 photo 100_0460jl_zpsmmeh8goh.jpg
I dont have much else to say at this point. I have been just too involved in other things to work on my garden. It will soon be time for birds and getting things on track for winter. AT least I will be able to keep up my blog now. I will have to go back through my pictures and see what else I have. I did at least keep up my photos. More later