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Friday, November 6, 2015

A Walk by the river..................

I don't often have the chance to walk alone. I don't really enjoy it but it was peaceful and I want to do this more often. Have to begin somewhere. So After I did a few things I stopped down by the river. It was such a lovely day, I hated to waste it inside. It was warm too. The colours were just aglow with the sun shining on the brilliant yellows and limes.
 photo 103_1198_zps4eqciklp.jpg
The Squirrels were enjoying the sun and doing what they do best, hunt for food and hide it.
 photo 103_1195a_zpstqjzprsn.jpg
I went down to the water to look for ducks. I almost didn't see them in the bushes along the edge. Then they swam out and stopped to sit on a few rocks and prean.
 photo 103_1182_zps6lmkbbiw.jpg
Mallards of course
 photo 103_1184_zpsmcqo5gdz.jpg
We sometimes see other kinds of water fowl but that was it that day.
 photo 103_1190_zpsajqhcjt8.jpg
The reflections on the water were just beautiful
 photo 103_1176_zps0263w2ui.jpg
 photo 103_1175_zpssotzoavq.jpg
I continued on and admired the pretty day
 photo 103_1174_zpswhorgskr.jpg
The sky was so blue and with the brilliant yellows no wonder the water looked like moulton gold. I heard sweet bird songs and could not believe it was coming from Starlings. They were so sweet sounding
 photo 103_1168_zpsbcywpmoz.jpg
The water is shallow but swift moving down to the dam where there is a fishing spot.
 photo 103_1181_zpstzqvbtic.jpg
Its fun to see the salmon when they run. A popular fishing place all along the river with a beautiful walk on the other side. Maybe I will do that next time.


September Violets said...

Good Morning Janice :) I've been reading back the last three posts and enjoyed seeing your changing garden and your walk through the woods. It's just gorgeous in your area! Love all those sunshiny photos of the golden leaves and the brilliant blue skies. I was singing that song the other day "Sunshine on my Shoulder Makes me Happy" (John Denver) as it was just one of those amazing fall days when you can't help but feel happy with the sunshine giving everything outside one last hug. You really captured all that is autumn in your shots and I really enjoyed them. Our leaves are just about finished here after yesterday's high winds. I guess it's time to rake up my neighbour's leaves ... all of which seem to land in my driveway and blow completely off his lawn! Have a wonderful weekend!

Merlesworld said...

Water is very much the sauce of life.
It's calming and attracts all animals us included.