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Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Different Kind of Visitor...................

Today was a full out blizzard on and off. The snow was so thick, blowing, that I could not see across the road. I cleaned and filled the feeders several times. At first no one was about, then in the grape vines lots of twittering started as the Chickadees got hungry. They love sitting in there in the shelter. Then the Blue Jay scouts announced that the feeder was full and they all came down with a whole flock of Starlings. I had to go out and refill. My Crow came to call and I caught 3 of them at the feeder. Wow, that has never happened and so I threw out 1/2 a loaf of bread. That was demolished in a couple of minutes flat. So out I go and refill. I got a lot of pictures.
 photo 103_2584k_zpsqjdre2v9.jpg
 photo 103_2530_zpsybmndlmf.jpg
 photo 103_2531_zpsdfjkuhtk.jpg
The Crows had to be really hungry to actually come to the feeder. They sat in the tree very close by.
 photo 103_2600g_zpsjbarpagh.jpg
 photo 103_2608j_zpswbh8uhnm.jpg
 photo 103_2583h_zpslhgr2tub.jpg
The woodpeckers were in and stuffing their faces. None of them are as cautious as they used to be.
 photo 103_2544g_zpsocc3c290.jpg
 photo 103_2538j_zpsk2ichx9o.jpg
Look at this little guy, and his tail.
 photo 103_2622j_zpskrambtcg.jpg
 photo 103_2622jj_zpsivnygehp.jpg
The Cardinal actually came down today, he has been really skittish of late
 photo 103_2619j_zpsmaesxi6n.jpg
 photo 103_2617h_zpsrxetwnlz.jpg
 photo 103_2636j_zpspmalhomx.jpg
The Starlings in this next picture reminds me of a scene in Interview With The Vampire. They are such pretty birds when you look at the individuals
 photo 103_2623_zpslp5002lx.jpg
 photo 103_2593h_zpslw0osy5p.jpg
 photo 103_2594h_zpsf4vcivuk.jpg
 photo 103_2590f_zpsvmiqm6iv.jpg
Meanwhile inside, someone was in my way
 photo 103_2602h_zpspigp4uif.jpg
I had to keep evicting her.
 photo 103_2596h_zpsshx3ap8b.jpg
I was happy to see the Tuffted Titmouse come in today. They are such pretty little things.
 photo 103_2613j_zpszhgr55xs.jpg
 photo 103_2612h_zpsgrmqhrb7.jpg
 photo 103_2609h_zpsber05lgp.jpg
Someone else was being a pest and came by to see if the feeders had been filled again. Yes for the third time today.
 photo 103_2639h_zpsxsof0iwl.jpg
So it was a very big surprise to see a hawk sitting in my tree. It was snowing so hard that I didn't get too many good shots.
 photo 103_2560h_zpsdv5xkbsh.jpg
 photo 103_2553k_zps1ewubdcf.jpg
 photo 103_2564j_zpslw1dnpl0.jpg
I saw him fly over later in the day. I loved seeing him and would love some better pictures but I hope he doesn't come back. I don't want him to eat my birds.The Junco likes to eat off the ground and there is always lots down there for him.
 photo 103_2534j_zpsnmwnqpvy.jpg
The Chickadee's are always here, faithful little things
 photo 103_2574k_zpszptqto07.jpg
 photo 103_2578j_zpszk3mxcfz.jpg
I love it when I see someone different come in, and I love that they all know to come here. I love how they sound out the alarm that the feeders are full and within a few minutes they have cleared their plates.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Word in the bird world travels fast! I often see hawks along the highway, but none here in residential areas. I do see the turkey buzzards flying high on the thermals. You took some really nice photos--love the woodpeckers!

Magic Love Crow said...

You could really make a book with all your photos! Really love them! The hawk has been close by again here! 4 ravens went after it yesterday! Today, no little birds around! I will keep putting the feed out!