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Sunday, June 26, 2016


Who is to say what is a weed and what is a flower. Not me. Wildflowers are just as beautiful as any garden flower.
This was down by the pond today, there were more of them than last week when I thought they were about done. I must find some yellow ones.
 photo 103_4798j_zpsnmp4kfxn.jpg
The fields look so pretty with daisies and buttercups and cow vetch etc.
 photo 103_4769_zpsjhijvw3t.jpg
 photo 103_4767h_zps4mcyqify.jpg
There were a great many little bugs and butterfly amongst them.
 photo 103_4734h_zpschdfgk5a.jpg
 photo 103_4733_zpsj4tthlqr.jpg
Clover and many other things smelt so good.
 photo 103_4729j_zpszf2zyhif.jpg
 photo 103_4728k_zps7tdjvvjp.jpg
Some things I can not name, most I can. Those I can not I do not look up, I used to. Perhaps I should as I am teaching the kids the names of the trees the flowers and animals. So I should really educate myself.
 photo 103_4727k_zpsvmzb9f19.jpg
This one is from my garden but grows wild out there in the fields.
 photo 103_4720_zpsubiydc29.jpg
I love seeing the unmowed places along with the large mowed meadows for people to play in. This is a nice park, we go there often. The path is great to walk on but also for kids to roller skate, bike or use the scooters. We did that a few times last year. Let them go while we walked.
Down by the pond I got some nice pictures of dragon fly and other pretties.
 photo 103_4791k_zpswren824s.jpg
 photo 103_4794j_zpsgpofx5aq.jpg
 photo 103_4789j_zpsuux8anpo.jpg
 photo 103_4795h_zps2jwotf2e.jpg
It is difficult to get those critters to sit still and the frogs all jumped in before we could see them. Better luck next time.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Gorgeous pictures Janice! Love the dragonflies! I don't like using the word "weed", either! They are all beautiful wildflowers to me! Hugs!