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Saturday, December 16, 2017

December 2017.........

The garden is dead, dead as a door nail. The snow is coming down every day. The next week may warm up to the 30s. The snow is piling up. Look at my rose bush, does it look happy
 photo 102_0352_zpsrfeb6wyl.jpg
Well what can I say, not a whole lot. The birds are not cooperating at all. I am getting Blue Jays and not much else. It has been so cold that I think they are all frozen to posts somewhere. The cats don't go out much so it's not that. Miss Bessie is a pissed off pussy cat. She does NOT like staying inside, but hates the snow. Boots goes out and comes right back in disgusted.
 photo 102_0346_zpsiwaso9bn.jpg
The plants I brought inside are happy though, they are blooming with happiness.
 photo 102_0329_zpsr0ooazk1.jpg
 photo 102_0326j_zps20xuxifn.jpg
Some I cut way back and they are thriving. I put some upstairs but think I will have to move them because I keep forgetting to water them.
 photo 102_0328_zps7ohbaau4.jpg
 photo 102_0327_zps7ef1fxht.jpg
I did get some cuties come in one day but that was about the only day
 photo 102_0294k_zps94vdupkn.jpg
 photo 102_0298j_zpsfiriehij.jpg
 photo 102_0305j_zpszhjjbdcd.jpg
The squirrels on the other hand, goodness. What pests they are. All varieties. I have bought critter food so guess I can't complain really. I need to put up another hanging feeder so the squirrels concentrate on the table tops and leave the hanging feeders alone. Yeh like that would happen.
 photo 102_0315k_zpsoijtva8t.jpg
The poodles really don't mind going out when its not too cold, they get to run on the trails that Gerry makes for them. They have enough fur to keep them warm. Later on when there is way too much snow we close the gate to keep them on the deck.
Waiting for daddy
 photo 102_0349_zps3uej0mnm.jpg
I left most of my garden stuff outside this winter. Oh there is so much to clean up come Spring. When Gerry finally quits work he will have so much to do here he will wish he was working The garage needs to be emptied out. I can't do much in the garage because I can't see well enough. The glass bottles look pretty in the snow.
 photo 102_0336_zpshoypz6e5.jpg
 photo 102_0332_zpscamirikd.jpg
I can make some more wind chimes come Spring. I may sell them in my yard sale given chance. I suppose that means I have to be productive this winter. I still have not got down to working on my quilts, the sewing machine is set up it's just not doing the job. Oh, well, I suppose it does need someone to actually run it doesn't it? I have been painting in my sketch book. That's my problem I get focused on one thing. Justin and Carrie want me to paint some pictures for them so there's that too..........I really must make the most of Winter right?

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Inside in November............................

The plants I brought inside for Winter, well, some is good and some is not. Already threw out the Basil. Dang it, that was one I wanted very much to keep. Ah well. The Rosemary is not looking too good either. I will have to cut it and save what I can and see if it revives.
 photo 20171128_112843_zpsl99sqdgu.jpg
The Parsley is wilting but is trying to survive. Pity I don't use parsley more.
 photo 20171128_112807_zps2zq3xjjg.jpg
The Lavender is doing quite well so far. I have no idea whats up with that. I never have luck with Lavender so do not expect it to survive, but one never knows.
 photo 20171128_112924_zpsppvzug1k.jpg
Now The Geraniums survived last Winter so maybe those will survive this one. I hope so because once they did bloom they were spectacular.
 photo 20171128_112640_zpsmdu16tm3.jpg
 photo 20171128_112649_zps4u91iwju.jpg
I brought in 3 Geraniums. Sure will save some money next year if they do well again.
I did bring in the Boston Fern its stringy but well, if it likes it's spot maybe it will perk up. Trouble is this spot is by the back door and although there is a heater next to it, I wonder if it will be fussy
 photo 20171128_112644_zpsuaesqb85.jpg
I did keep some of the Begonia again, same ones that got through last year.
 photo 20171128_112633_zpsxms748wa.jpg
Some died right away and some are doing Ok. Time will tell. I need some potting soil to top up the pots guess I should do that pretty soon, I have to be in the mood for that. Should get myself in the mood before they dry out.
The couple of weird things I brought in were the peppers. They are so bloomin hot to eat but they are pretty and will be even better if I prune it back I think.
 photo 20171128_112605_zps7qudzxww.jpg
 photo 20171128_112617_zps0dckqddj.jpg
Now some of my regular house plants are blooming. Jason's plant I brought in early was happy to be back in it's window in the Kitchen. It is blooming happy
 photo 20171128_112506_zpszjo9n8go.jpg
 photo 20171128_112510_zpsujc62n3g.jpg
Tristen's little gift to me is struggling but still trying hard. I should re-pot that one.
 photo 20171128_112530_zpsmm6txbaw.jpg
The Christmas Cactus is also happy, I don't know why because its in a tiny pot that often drys out.
 photo 20171128_112710_zpszl3cb8f6.jpg
 photo 20171128_112715_zpsmzdvygbo.jpg
Some of my African Violets are reaching their end, it's hard to know. Some go on and on and others dry up and blow away. I love the Violets most of all I think. I was given the basket of them when Button's died. I kept those going through thick and thin. I did eventually replace one I think and again, they all need re-potting. I just don't like doing that job. Still if I don't I could lose them.
 photo 20171128_112914_zps6fwpk1nm.jpg
Spider plants doing well, at least these two are. I have a couple more upstairs along with some Begonias and the other flowers I brought in..........didn't picture those and I should probably also take care of those. It was hard enough getting them inside before the cold spell. Now its time to take care of them.
 photo 20171128_112654_zpsmqwtjclx.jpg
As you see I have a house full again. I do so hate to see things die if I can save them. Made room by using the bedrooms this year and once I know they will be OK I will move more up there. Right now I have a few who need nursing a bit. Outside is so blah. The weather has been so good I should get my lazy self out there and dig up the garden and put away the garden ornaments. It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow so maybe that's what I will do and decorate the back deck.........

Friday, November 17, 2017

Rainy Days...................

We have had a lot of rain, maybe a good thing. Better than snow.'s been cold enough. Tomorrow in fact it's supposed to get so cold that it will be icy in the morning so probably a bit of snow can be expected. I will have to be sure to fill up the feeders. I bought critter food as well as bird seed. The Squirrels LOVE it. So do the Blue Jays. There are peanuts in shells as well as corn and bird seed in the critter mix.
 photo 102_0232h_zpsyv5qwlvp.jpg
The squirrels were soaked through but still enjoyed their feast. I bet they were shivering poor little critters.
 photo 102_0212k_zpsyp7yt5zp.jpg
 photo 102_0234_zpsidzqhauy.jpg
SO the little blighters enjoy the food I provide all year and so they built their house right handy like.
 photo 102_0218_zpsgkxdbijw.jpg
 photo 102_0217_zps2q8pun1o.jpg
They also enjoy the grapes.
 photo 102_0249k_zpsjlsxgerk.jpg
I couldn't catch pictures of anyone else this day. The blue Jays sent out the the news and there was plenty of family squabbles as well as the squirrels fighting. It was certainly noisy for awhile. The ever present Mourning Doves were picking up the falling bits
 photo 102_0224_zpszf5kwczg.jpg
 photo 102_0214h_zpsapccdyn2.jpg
Well there were not many birds that wanted to get wet and so this is it for today. I will leave you with this little pest enjoying lunch.
 photo 102_0244k_zpszjcgblgk.jpg
Hoping for more interesting visitors soon.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

End of Autumn.......................

The garden is just so boring now. The leaves are just about done, Gerry just raked out back and there were huge piles. I still have to put all my garden stuff away but it snowed so I have to wait now until that's gone. Should get done this week all being well.
 photo 102_zpsgwote5bz.jpg
 photo 102_0163_zpsg3b2ww75.jpg
I just got bird seed and critter food, the Blue Jays love the peanuts
 photo 102_0177_zpsn2bzkjby.jpg
I also got the blocks in hopes of getting Woodpeckers and a bit of variety in the visitors. Usually in Winter there is not much else to report on. The cats don't like being outside so with a bit of luck we may get a lot of visitors.
 photo 102_0173_zpsz0iedkuq.jpg
I didn't really see too many birds all Summer and have not seen the Crows last years Winter. I wonder why they moved on ? If I hear them I will call them down in hopes of giving them food again. They loved our left over foods.
This Chipmunk is pushing his luck, the cats go after them and they get too bold and get caught
 photo 102_0055_zpsveukieme.jpg
 photo 102_0053_zpsbxn9pe5t.jpg
They get way too complacent
 photo 102_0040_zpse54mhpfs.jpg
Any way, I am hoping things pick up now it's cold, and it IS cold for sure.
I brought in some plants and put some up in the bedrooms. We will see how that works out. The Basil did not survive. So far the Rosemary is doing OK. I brought in Geraniums and a few other things and I may have to take some cuttings to ensure plenty come Spring. I brought in the Lavender but have never had success before but I will try to keep it going. I have never had luck with that inside or out. So for now, that's it. Hope I can find some more interesting subjects.

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Front Porch...............

I have never really liked my front porch. It was not too bad when it had the vines growing up it. Now it's way too open. Its also rather awkward looking. I have a bench over near the window because I don't want it getting too wet when it rains. The rocking chair gets wet and has to be painted now and then to keep it from falling apart.
When Gerry works on the outside of the house I am thinking we will put rails up. Wooden spindles like we put on the rental house. (That is going to be for sale soon) Maybe enclosing it will be better. Maybe then I will feel more like cleaning the ceiling and getting rid of cobwebs. I do like decorating for the seasons though. Now is Autumn.
 photo 20171016_145530_zpsqt4qtamy.jpg
 photo 20171016_145343_zps71kctpdm.jpg
I do not do Halloween but I do love the Autumn. Cooper got a couple of pumpkins something I don't normally do. However if it's not carved I like them, just buy fake ones haha. I do have some pretty little gourds and last time I got some the critters ate them.
 photo 20171016_145344_zpss2j7wsyk.jpg
 photo 20171016_145409_zps5gzkoda7.jpg
By finding the Autumn stuff up in Alex's closet I happened to get that sorted out. Woo Hoo two jobs accomplished.
 photo 20171016_145429_zps4i9edirb.jpg
I have, somewhere, stuff for all seasons. It's a matter of finding them every year. Well they are back in the garage now,the summer stuff that is. I wanted to keep them all in the house so I knew where they were but they have been changed around so many times it was a guessing game again. So now, back to the garage at least till next year. Was a bit put off by resident spiders or at least cobwebs. One day I will be organized. I had the stuff handy until I had to empty closets when Gabby moved in.
 photo 20171016_145440_zpsh0buxyhg.jpg
I could use a table top ornament so maybe I will do some thrift shopping and see what I can find. I just can't get out of my funk and want to do things.
 photo 20171016_145447_zpsvohvjfch.jpg
The weather has been so nice and I have not had the energy to go walking. I have to snap out of it. I still have loads to do in the house. Also it's time to get stuff in for winter and it aint happening. Tomorrow is another day.
 photo 20171016_145530_zpsqt4qtamy.jpg
Well all I can say is it better not snow...................I don't know where the winter/Christmas stuff is haha